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Why is Video Marketing Important?

“… a video placed on your
landing page can increase
conversion by 80%.”

“Businesses using video grow
company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organizations without video.”
-Small Business Trends

“… video will account for 70%
of all consumer traffic
in 2017.”

About Us

Story Lab Studios has been providing high quality videos for small businesses, major corporations, studios, artists, and dignitaries for over a decade. We collaborate with talented professionals in the film and video world to cultivate videos for our clients that are commercially sensible as well as personal to their needs.

Jais Sardo Story Lab Studios

Jais Sardo

I have been involved in the entertainment industry for 25 years. I have worn many hats, from musician, to actor, to writer, to camera man, producer, director and editor. I started Story Lab Studios in 2006 because I wanted to engage with people in my community while doing art. Making videos for other people and business’s allows me to create something that satisfies both my passion and theirs, it’s a win-win.

Our Services

Video Production


This video lives on your website and tells your customers what makes you special.


Explainer videos = Revenue! They are the most effective way to show how your service or product works.


Video ads promote sales, events, new products, or just remind your customers your there?


Story Lab Studios has 20 years expertise in producing a variety of short content videos. Check out more popular styles and options in SERVICES.



Video Marketing

Where is your audience’s virtual hang out? Is it on Facebook? LinkedIn? Blogs?

A community page? We can help get your video to the right place and we can explain the costs and benefits to you.


Video Analytics

How do you know if your video is performing well? Using the corresponding video analytics on Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. we can track how many views you are getting. We can also track if those views are actually amounting to conversions.

Our Work

Sachs Marketing explainer video

Sachs Marketing SEO

Sachs Marketing company video

Sachs Marketing 4 Reasons


Tight Rack product video

Velvet Throns – Artist : ZoLA Vonn

Tight Rack product video

Tight Rack

Sardo Bus and Coach company video

Sardo Bus and Coach

Story Lab Studios company video

Story Lab Studios Reel 2016

Voodoo Vinyl company video

Voodoo Vinyl Spot

Sound Off

Tee It Up

Modernica Downtown LA

Open Classroom Leadership Magnet

Our Blog

Making a Promotional Video for your School

Making a Promotional Video for your School

We recently created a promotional video for a local school and in doing research before hand, I discovered that very few schools have a promo video. When our daughter was going into kindergarten we were grasping for any kind of information to make the right choice for...

Why is Video so Important?

Why is Video so Important?

Why is Video so Important? If you have something to sell - you need video. The marketplace is on line, whether it's to FIND a product or service or to actually PURCHASE a product or service.  There are thousands of people looking for you online right now. So, how will...