Our prices

Story Lab Studios and it’s extended team of creatives can give you exactly what you are looking for in a video.

But you want to know what it will cost?!

Story Lab’s prices are far from the most expensive but they are not the cheapest either. Every video is unique and so is it’s scope and budget. Respectfully, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction no matter what the size of the project.

That still doesn’t answer your question, right?

To give you an idea on investment and return, here are a few straight forward options that Story Lab offers. Please keep in mind that all of these videos and packages can be customized, elements can be added and subtracted as needed and prices will reflect those changes.

BASIC: $1500

This choice gives you one minute of finished video; shot, edited and delivered. The one minute may be created as a singular piece or divided up into smaller videos.


Our stylized video is more customized, with creative “set up” shots to market your service or product. Here you will get 90 seconds of finished video that may be created as a singular piece or divided up into smaller videos.

CONCEPT: $4800

A concept video is crafted to entertain your viewers. You will be given a professionally developed, original concept, based on your objective and style preferences. Our team will compose a well-baked script for your video and shoot it with a professional actor(s). This video can be up to 2.5 minutes in it’s final edited length.

Video Marketing Packages (VMP)

The following packages include the same named video from above along with 12 additional snippet videos. Each snippet video is 6 to 15 seconds long and is used for marketing on social media sources. All snippet videos will be shot at the same time as the original video.

BASIC VMP: $2500



We would love to collaborate on a video solution that works best for you. Contact us to discuss your objective.