Summing up SEO: Sachs Marketing Group

Everyone has heard of SEO but Search Engine Optimization is a murky concept. Our friends at Sachs Marketing Group wanted to help people understand this trade terminology with out boring them to death.

Our goal at Story Lab Studios is to create videos that meet our clients objective, align with their style and exceed their expectations. So, after establishing that SMG was looking for an entertaining and informative video, it was time to tap into their style. The web marketing group has put down roots in a contemporary building in Westlake Village, CA. The vibe is modern meets bohemian with it’s exposed industrial ventilation, concrete floors and a shoes optional policy. It’s the kind of place where quirky is celebrated and conventional is condemned. A simple explainer video with graphs and charts was not going to cut it for these clever techies.

SLS owner, Jais Sardo, pitched a handful of tailored concepts to Sachs CEO, Eric Sachs. Eric was great about giving feedback and helping us find his comfort zone. This made things move quickly, after everyone was on board and excited about the idea we ultimately went with, we were able to develop a script that was intelligent and accessible within the week.

One of the best parts of working on this particular video was shopping for props! When it’s a choice between hunting for toys vs. lamps… there’s no contest. Finding an actor to play the faceless Google technician was easy too. We hired a fantastic actor, Michael Janek, for a previous Sachs Marketing video (a comedic speaking role) and he was available!

Right on schedule, we were ready to go. With three crew members, including a favorite DP (director of photography), and a single actor, the production went off without a hitch. We were able to shoot right in the Sachs Marketing Group waiting room during office hours. This was our second time working with Sachs, so it was great to see the staffs friendly faces again, everyone was exceedingly cool and conscientious and we felt right at home.

The whole process was really gratifying and the end product is a jewel. Not only did the video accomplish it’s objective but our client loved it and wanted to work with us again. At the end of the day, if everyone is happy, then we did our job.

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