Sardo Bus and Coach Upholstery hired SLS to create a dynamic company video for their website. The video was to be a grand overview of the company’s valuable contribution to the upholstery industry. We spent several days at their corporate office in Los Angeles and their sales office in Minneola, Florida. During our time there, it was acutely apparent that Sardo’s deservs their reputation for quality, class and personal relations. The path was clear, it was our job mirror these attributes when creating their company video.

In developing a script for SBC, we wanted to marry the business’s functional highlights and it’s faithful character together in one sweeping story. Story Lab’s narrative painted a detailed picture of the history and innovation that has evolved at the hands of a beloved business man, Lou Sardo, SBC President. The SBC family was charmed by the script and Lou, himself, confessed that he couldn’t have described the century old upholstery business any better. We were enthusiastic about moving forward to capture the essence of Sardo Bus and Coach on camera and bring the script to life.

Our plan was to blend into the fabric at Sardo’s, moving discreetly through their departments to get video of why they are the best in their industry. However, it’s pretty hard to fly under the radar when your shuffling lights, equipment, and a camera crew around, but the staff at SBC couldn’t have been more natural and amiable despite the spectacle. They continued on as if we were there every day, laughing and engaging with us but never losing pace. They were pros, operating like a well oiled machine.

After the fun of shooting, it was time to go back to the cave and start editing. It turned out that we got so much great footage that it was really difficult to pick “the best” (obviously, a more desirable problem than not having enough good stuff). We had time lapse of an entire coach interior being upgraded – We gathered footage of the mobile road crew vehicles – We took a trip down south to get a taste of life down at the Florida offices- We culled dramatic images of the beautiful precision work that SBC is known for- And we got intimate shots of the contented faces that filled the offices and warehouses at Sardo Bus and Coach. It was all of those individual elements that contributed to the videos richness and sensitivity.

The SBC company video was fairly large in scope and when it all came together it was better than we hoped for. There is nothing more satisfying in this line of work than to successfully produce a video that goes above and beyond it’s function and becomes an object of esteem for our client and a testament to our craft. Thanks Sardo Bus and Coach Upholstery for allowing us to tell your story.

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