Stop Motion Animation

Story Lab Studios has been making videos for 15 years and now that we have moved from L.A. to Cincinnati, OH we have the flexibility to expand our brand and do something we’ve wanted to do for years.  Stop Motion Animation has been a life long love for us, and now we are ready to share our passion with the world.  But what is Stop Motion Animation and is it right for you?

What Is Stop Motion Animation?

 Stop Motion Animation is a technique used to bring inanimate/motionless objects to life on screen. This is done by moving the object in tiny increments and snapping a photo for each movement.  The object or objects are positioned by an animator who essentially acts through them.  The animator has the job of conveying purpose and personality with each tiny movement.  Then the individual frames are played in succession to create the illusion of fluid movement. 

Is Stop Motion Animation Right For Me?

Promoting your brand is a big deal and you want to be seen.  Stop Motion could set you apart from your competition in the marketing world.  Video is imperative for any one with an audience.  Because of this, everywhere we look we are being flooded with moving images.  Some catch our eye and some are just background.  SMA only accounts for a small percentage of video marketing out there, making it stand out amongst the typical formats.  So, why don’t more people use it?  Most video production companies don’t offer SMA because  It takes special skills, extra time, and a extra labor .   Story Lab Studios is driven to bring this powerful alternative to anyone who is looking for a creative, playful and palpable way to grab their viewers attention.  Just take a look at these effective SMA ads that go from simple to Epic:


Let’s Go!

These are examples of SMA styles that  Story Lab Studios can do and would love to do for you.  Our team of writers, designers and animators will work hard to create something that is just right for your brand and because we are just starting out in the SMA market our prices are going to be lower than most companies.  So, let’s get going on planning a Stop Motion video for you!